Meet & Greets

Meet & Greets button with Eva LaRue
Meet & Greets $65

Meet & Greets are 3 minute virtual One-on-One interactions with you and your favorite Soap Star on our platform.

You will be queued in a virtual waiting room where you will wait to be brought in for your session. There is a countdown timer during the Meet & Greet so we encourage you to prepare your questions in advance as the time goes by very quickly.

These sessions are recorded and available for download soon after your session. You will be emailed the file.

If you chose to share on social media, please tag @SoapCon on Twitter or @SoapConLive on Instagram. We’d love to see & share it too!

Check out the Soap Stars you can Meet & Greet today!

Technology Tips

We highly recommend you use a laptop and have a strong internet connection (if possible, plug in ethernet) with the Chrome browser.

You may still use a mobile device if it has a camera and microphone. You will have to Allow Access and we will need to see and hear you for the process to work with Meet & Greets.

We will have tech support during the sessions to help you with any issues but make sure you leave your phone number during the checkout process so we can reach you if there are any issues.

Contact if you have any questions.


Refunds are unavailable if you are disconnected from your Meet & Greet chat due to connectivity issues. Talent has sole discretion to determine what questions to answer. Character voices can not be guaranteed and Talent will not endorse or sponsor any products or companies during a Meet & Greet.